Fortnite Players Are Having Fun Trolling Thanos

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Don’t let his superpowers fool you: Thanos’ arrival in Fortnite is surprisingly silly. Players are taking advantage of Thanos in the best ways, or using Thanos to spread cheer. Given that Thanos is supposed to be a homicidal villain, seeing him in Fortnite’s ridiculous world has been amazing.

The main thing that makes any antics possible is that Thanos can emote in Fortnite:

But that’s not all. Boogie bombs also work on Thanos, and boy, do players love to make him dance:

Some brave players have even gotten Thanos to stop murdering everyone through dance alone:

It helps that some Thanos players are good-natured:

Even so, the ploys don’t always work:

Thanos also combines with other Fortnite items in hilarious ways:

Players are really getting a kick out of all of this: