Struggle Just To Act Like A Normal Human In This Physics-Based Dating Game

By Gita Jackson on at

I love going on dates. What’s not to like about nice food, a good movie, and someone cute to get to know? Check Please casts my assessment of dates into doubt. Billed as a “physics based dating sim,” the game is as painfully awkward and hilarious as your worst date ever.

In this game you’re given a list of tasks to do to please your date as you eat at a restaurant. If it’s too dark for them, you need to light the candle. Are they thirsty? Pour them some wine. Like a lot of physics-based gag games, doing these things is difficult, thanks to the intentionally finicky controls. Here’s me trying to pour some wine:

My favourite moment of the game so far was when I tried to feed my date some meatballs, but got caught on a candle and knocked everything over.

If you take too long to do something, your date gets fed up with you and gets the cheque. I would have bounced by the time my date spilled wine all over me, but this person is more patient than most.

If you want to check out Check Please, it’s free to download on I hope your IRL dates go better than this.