Pac-Man is Getting an Unexpected Alexa Exclusive Narrative Game

By Laura Kate Dale on at

We've got the weirdest news you'll likely hear today: Pac-Man is getting a new game, where players take part in a story designed to teach kids about the evils of littering and trash. It's exclusive to Alexa – yes, Amazon's virtual assistant that you'll find on Kindles and Echos – and it's essentially an interactive audio book equivalent of those choose-your-own-adventure books you probably had as a kid.

Released under the banner of Pac-Man Stories, the first entry, a story called Ghastly Garbage, has released today. If you speak English, live in the UK, and own an Alexa-powered device, you can ask it to Open Pac-Man Stories. Yup, you can play a children's educational adventure game on the talking robot in your kitchen. This is the future, people; it's time to embrace it.

According to a statement from Naoki Katashima, President of Bandai Namco Europe, "It just seemed natural to us to use our iconic character PAC-MAN to create fun interactive stories for all ages".

Not going to lie, using Pac-Man as the protagonist for a story-based experience doesn't seem natural to me, given his history as a silent puzzle game protagonist, but I hope Alexa proves me wrong.

More Pac-Man Stories titles will release later this summer.