Fortnite Season 4 is Live, Here's Every Announced Change

By Laura Kate Dale on at

After around three and a half hours of downtime, Fortnite is back online, and with it comes season 4. There's a bunch that's changed, so let's jump into the patch notes and see what's new.

The first thing to note, which is not mentioned in the new patch notes, is that Tilted Towers is still standing after the crashing to earth of the meteors. The area was considered an eyesore by many, and theories suggested the area might be destroyed by the meteor impact, but no – the meteor impact site was far closer to the centre of the map.

The meteor impact has left a large crater, inside which are Hop Rocks – glowing rocks that, when consumed, give players a low gravity floaty jump power for a limited time.

The biggest gameplay tweak in the patch notes is that if shooting a player from above, they'll no longer be able to block a headshot by getting their hands in the way of the shot. If you aim properly at a head from above, it will register as a headshot, penetrating through arms or hands if needed to deal headshot damage.


  • Structures on the starting island can now be destroyed. Not the Battle Bus, though.
  • Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.
  • Incoming headshots (from above or straight on) will no longer be blocked by your character’s other body parts.
  • For example, a shot that hits your target’s hand will be able to penetrate through and hit their head if your aim was on point. You’ll be credited headshot damage instead of normal damage.
  • Headshots from below that are blocked by a body part (legs, torso, hands, shoulders, arms) will do normal damage, except for impacts very close to your character’s head.
  • This change affects all weapons, except for the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.
  • Slightly reduced the hitbox size of player hands.
  • Damage numbers are now visible when spectating a player.
  • Knocking a player off the island will award elimination credit like normal fall damage.
  • Fall distance is now shown in the elimination feed when a player is forced to fall by an opponent.
  • On the starting island, you can now see other players (and player-created structures) about three times further away than before.

There are also a number of big usability changes to the mobile version of the game:


  • Quickbar now supports drag and drop for dropping and moving inventory items.
  • Holding the movement stick in a direction for 3-seconds now enables an option to turn on auto run.
  • Adding ‘Repair Building’ button.
  • Added ‘Cycle Weapon’ button.
  • Made improvements to prevent finger creep.
  • Slightly decreased aim assist strength at further distances to allow for easier fine tuning when aiming.
  • Grenade indicators are now displayed when grenades are equipped.
  • Made improvements to low-end mobile performance by dynamically scaling background draw distances with player height.
  • Reduced object draw distance for medium/lower-end iOS devices.

There's a whole host of other bug fixes and balance changes in the new update, which you can find out more about by reading the full patch notes here.