Microsoft Has Zero Interest in Developing a Battle Royale Game

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With the huge success of Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds as of late, there's a fair amount of assumption in the industry at the moment that any studio with staff available might be looking to get a piece of the battle royale pie. However, according to a tweet from Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer, none of Microsoft's first party studios are planning on rushing a battle royale game out any time soon.

The tweet from Spencer makes a lot of sense. Microsoft has an exclusivity deal with PUBG, and developing their own battle royale game only serves to compete with an exclusive they already own. Why spend resources making a new game when you have PUBG locked down already on your console?

Still, Spencer does leave the door open if a first party studio finds a unique take on the genre, and of course an existing game like Halo 6 might include a battle royale mode without that being the full focus of the game. But it doesn't seem like they're prioritising getting their own game out there to compete in the near future.