For Honor is Playable for Free Next Weekend

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've been wanting to check out For Honor, but just not found the time or money to pick up a copy, then next weekend might be just the ticket for you.

From 3rd-6th May 2018, For Honor will be free to play on consoles and PC. Players will be able to download and play the full game during this time, including all multiplayer modes and campaign content.

The original roster of 12 heroes will be available for free players to try out, and your save data will transfer over if you later decide to buy the full game to play more of.

During this free weekend, paid players who play matches with free players as part of the Warrior Training Program will get rewards for not quitting out and playing only with other high level players. Paid players who take part in five matches while grouped with Free Weekend players will get two weeks of free Champion Status. This gives those players and their team XP boosts as well as bonus loot.