Yes, You Can Download Replacement Labo Templates For Free

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since Nintendo Labo was first announced a few months ago, there has been a lot of confusion regarding replacement parts for the cardboard toy kits. Initially, reports suggested you could get free replacement templates, then reports suggested you could buy replacements, and yet other reports suggested there would be no replacement options at all.

Now, thanks to Nintendo's Japanese website, we now know for certain that you'll be able to replace the cardboard in your Labo kits for free – as long as you've got some spare cardboard around the house.

Nintendo's Japanese Website has PDF files available for all current Labo kits, meaning those who need to replace them can print out the templates, glue them to cardboard, and cut them out at home.

The decision makes sense. People will still need to purchase Labo's software to make use of most of the features of the kits, and the bundles provide customers with all the pieces pre-made, as well as additional materials like foil tape required by some of the kits. Still, it's nice to know if you break a key on your new cardboard piano by getting a little too into playing covers of metal songs, you'll be able to make a new replacement part without having to purchase a whole new kit from Nintendo.