This Sunday, 10 Km Pokemon Go Eggs Hatch With Far Less Walking

By Laura Kate Dale on at

This Sunday only, Pokemon Go is drastically reducing the walking distance required to hatch a purple 10 km egg.

Purple eggs in Pokemon Go have a chance to hatch some unique rare creatures, but take a lot of walking to hatch. Usually by walking 10 km, you can hatch Pokemon including Chansey, Bagon, Lapras, Snorlax, and Feebas.

However, this Sunday, 10 km purple eggs will only require 2.5 km of walking to hatch, which can be reduced even more if you currently have any super incubators saved up from previous events.

Niantic is currently pushing people towards full completion of their Kanto Pokedex, with a week of increased Kanto spawns and rewards, Mew being finally introduced to the game, and now easier hatching of eggs which could contain some of the harder to find Kanto creatures. Now seems to be the perfect time to go and get that Lapras you just never got around to hatching, earn that Mew, and finally become the very best like no one ever was.

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