Fortnite Is Down, No ETA On When It'll Be Back

By Patricia Hernandez on at

If you tried to log into Fortnite last night and couldn’t get past the start screen, you’re not alone. The wildly popular battle royale game has had server issues for over a day now.

Sixteen hours ago, Epic, the developer, announced that Fortnite was having login issues. A few hours later, the game came down:

As of this morning, the game is still not functioning, as Epic says it is still trying to deploy upgrades to its database systems. A representative from Epic told Kotaku that Epic is still working on getting the servers back up, but otherwise, there’s still no estimate for when things will be back to normal.

Update: Fortnite is now serving login queues, though I waited for four minutes only to be given another “login failed.”

Elsewhere, the game has been offline for long enough that players are starting to get ansty: