From Tomorrow, You Can Grab Moltres in Pokémon Go Without Taking Part in Raids

By Laura Kate Dale on at

One of the most contentious parts of Pokémon Go's design since it launched has been the decision to lock legendary Pokémon behind raid battles. The idea is that to catch a legendary, you need to meet up with a large group of other real-world players, fight the creature before time runs out, and luck into catching it with its incredibly low capture rate.

A lot of people in smaller areas or with mobility needs simply couldn't make raiding work for them, and as such felt left out, without any chance to catch some of the series most iconic creatures.

As it turns out, legendary Pokémon are no longer locked exclusively behind raids.

Last week, Pokémon Go added a quests system, where players could complete objectives — like hatching eggs or evolving Pokémon — to earn daily stamps. We've known for a while that after seven days of quests a battle with a Pokémon would be triggered, and the Japanese Pokémon Go website implied it would be a legendary. In some regions, the quests system has been live long enough for players to earn their seventh stamp, and those players are being treated to a chance to catch a Moltres without having to take part in a raid.

Also, unlike raids, players will be able to make use of their Great and Ultra balls when tackling Moltres this way, which highly increases the change of a successful capture.

It hasn't yet been confirmed what happens if you complete a second set of seven days' worth of field quests, but it seems likely that, over time, players will be able to collect more legendary creatures this way too. This method of finding legendary Pokémon honestly feels more in keeping with the spirit of the franchise: you have to go out questing and exploring new things in order to stumble by yourself on this rare creature. I for one am all for giving more people a chance at filling up those Pokédex entries.