Japan's Best April Fool's Day Jokes

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Such as...

The Dragon Ball Super vs. Pretty Cure Super Stars mash-up we’ve all been waiting for.

Image: Toei

Kagawa Prefecture, aka “Udon Prefecture,” is changing its name to Yadon (Slowpoke) Prefecture.

Vegetable flavoured Fanta (green pepper, corn, burdock root, garlic, chilli pepper).

Photoshop you can drink.

A karaoke aeroplane flight from Jetstar.

Image: Jetstar

This doesn’t seem like a joke.

Image: Kit Kat Japan

But even in Japan, you’re not going to really see ham and melon cream soda flavoured water.

Grand Seiko Ninja.

Image: Grand Seiko

Why type when you can write Japanese characters on your keyboard?

Final Fantasy Magnai XIV.

VR booze drinking.

The Tekken 7 DLC we’ve all been waiting for.


Image: Square Enix

So good.