The Best (And Worst) April Fools' Day Jokes For 2018

By Cameron Kunzelman on at

It is April 1, the cursed day, when every person and brand decides that they are, in fact, the funniest person or distributed agent on the planet. Here’s a roundup of the best and worst April Fool’s gags from the land of games for 2018.

(For a recap of last year, here are 2017's offerings.)

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix are finally offering us what we all want: augmented reality item harvesting in Final Fantasy XIV Online Go. The entire website is pretty funny.

Rocket League

Apparently, all the hats are stuck in “Embiggened Mode” for a limited-time, April Foolish event.


The problem with most battle royale games is that they don’t have more cooking items as defensive armour and offensive weapons. Enter Cuisine Royale.

CD Projekt Red

They’re apparently looking for a very good D.O.G.E.


This nanomachine fluid is going to turn you into an “omnicidal demigod.”

Path of Exile

Yet another game enters the battle royale extended universe.


These graphics card creators are finally taking a stand.


If you’ve ever wanted a companion creature that will haunt your days and nights, then this foolery is for you.


Team Rocket have taken over all of the official Pokémon channels today, including the Twitter account, in order to finally get Pikachu.


They’ve opened an Academy of Gaming.

Let It Die

That zany character known as Uncle Death is now learning how to live, and love, in this lonely world.


Board game adaptations are officially over. Learn all about it.


Don’t you wish that you could play with the real power brokers of the video game world in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can.