Fetish Cosplay Comes To The Nintendo Switch 

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Today, Shin Den Ai: Nani ga Hoshii no? will be released on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The download stars fetish cosplayer and model Eri Kitami.

The title could be translated as “True Electric Love: What Do You Want?” As you can see in the gameplay clip below, Kitami calls the player and asks questions. When she first calls, she provides the game’s tutorial, saying to reply “Yes” or “No” after she talks. In another line of questioning, she asks if the player likes breasts. The player is supposed to then reply affirmatively or negatively. She then asks if the player wants to see from a low angle or a high angle. That’s followed by asking whether or not still images cause more excitement than moving ones.

After talking on the phone, Kitami then sends an email, which seems to entail a photo of her encased in rubber or a video clip. The “gameplay” consists of Kitami trying to determine which photos to send. There are over 150 photos and eight clips for players to unlock as well as other paid add-on packs with Kitami in different outfits. There is no nudity, and the app is rated CERO D, which is 17-years-old and up.

According to Kitami, “While approval [for Shin Den Ai] was turned down for iOS, I’d never imagined it would get released on the Switch.”

You are not alone, Kitami.