Grainger Games Closing All Stores

By Laura Kate Dale on at

There's a UK gaming retail store chain called Grainger Games which, if you live anywhere in the north, is probably pretty familiar. Grainger is a bit smaller than the likes of Game, but with 67 stores they're certainly not a small operation.

Last week, reported that the company's supplier credit limits had been cut, which signalled something bad was brewing, and yesterday, Eurogamer's Robert Purchese reported on an email received by staff at 21 of the company's 67 stores:

"We regret to inform you that we require you to close your store imminently due to the ongoing issues surrounding the business's critical financial situation. Your store will unfortunately be closed as of today. Please DO NOT open your store this morning."

However, according to an email sent this morning and seen by Kotaku UK, Grainger Games are actually closing all 67 of their stores, not just the 21 stores initially contacted yesterday.

Staff at the remaining 46 stores revieved an email which appears to match the one sent out to one third of stores yesterday. It's unclear at this time why 21 stores were informed before the remaining 46.

Staff in the stores which are closing will be paid until Saturday of this week, after which they're out of a job.

Recent years have been a torrid time for high street retail in general, and it seems like game stores are now being especially hard hit. Best of luck to those affected by the closures.