Far Cry 5 Has Some Very Good Dogs

By Luke Plunkett on at

Far Cry 5 is not a game about cults, the American wilderness or murderous turkeys. It is, at its heart, a game about some very good boys (and girls).

After the disappointment of some other recent open-world games—Zelda didn’t let you pet the animals, and AC Origins was stingy with its cat cuddles—Far Cry 5 gives you the one prompt you need to see every time you approach a lil’ buddy:

That’s a good boy who sits outside a resistance town. Here is another dog I found while hunting:

And here’s one who was hanging around a pumpkin farm:

And here’s Boomer, a dog you can rescue and who becomes one of your allies on missions:

We are now all best friends.

NOTE: please only pet the good dogs. The bad dogs who are trying to kill you are bad.