Switch Firmware 5.0 is Live, Adds Twitter and Facebook Friend Support

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yesterday, we reported that Switch Firmware 5.0 was likely just around the corner, due to the Switch parental controls app patch notes mentioning the long-awaited system update. Well, as expected, Switch Firmware 5.0 is now live — but it doesn't bring with it many of the features fans had been holding their breath for.

The primary change brought along by 5.0 is that Switch owners can now add friends by connecting their Twitter or Facebook account, which will allow them to send requests to friends who have linked their social media too. It's a nice touch, but one many expected to come far sooner due to the same functionality existing in 2016's Miitomo.

The update also adds 24 new user icons from Arms and Kirby, makes the system show any coloured grips on special pro controllers — meaning your Splatoon 2 Pro Controller will show on the system as having pink and green grips — and makes a series of other small quality of life improvements.

What Switch Firmware 5.0 does not do is let me back up my 200-hour Breath of the Wild save. Come on Nintendo, that's all I want. Don't make me lose my big huge Zelda save if my Switch breaks.

You can read the full patch notes over on Nintendo's website.