Sony Blocks PS4 Release of Sleazy Pick Up Artist Game Super Seducer

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Released recently on Steam, Super Seducer is an FMV game where players try to hit on women using the seduction techniques of pick up artist Richard La Ruina. The game focuses on teaching tactics like "complimenting a woman's earrings as an excuse to touch her face without asking and make skin to skin contact" as dating techniques, and generally presents women as prizes to be manipulated into accepting romance via cheats and hacks.

Yeah, it's a pretty gross game.

While it is available on Steam, the game was previously removed from Kickstarter before having its funding campaign suspended - and it now looks like Sony has followed Kickstarter's lead. The game was meant to release on PS4 on Tuesday March 6th, but ultimately did not.

According to the BBC, Sony is behind the game being blocked.

Sony has limited itself to saying it "will not be made available", but the BBC has confirmed the Japanese company banned the title.

It's surprising that the game was blocked from release so close to launch but, considering the considerable pushback against the game on Steam, it makes sense Sony might not want to be associated with a seedy game of dubious merits.