There's An Empty Folder Selling for £1.69 on Steam

By Laura Kate Dale on at

We've know for a while that Steam's moderation and quality assurance practices as a service are not great, with some truly busted messes managing to make it onto the storefront. However, today's example may be the most egregious ever.

Shadow: Treachery Cannot Be Tolerated is selling for £1.69 on Steam, and advertises itself as an episodic first person shooter. However, if you try and boot the game via Steam, you'll be told that the game's executable file is missing.

If you dig into your filesystem, you'll quickly spot the problem: the game installs a completely empty folder with not a single file present in it.

While this is possibly an error on the part of the developer rather than malicious, it does highlight some serious issues with Steam. Most notably only players who have played a game, not simply purchased it, can leave Steam reviews - so nobody is able to use the game's reviews to warn others of the issue.

Currently, the only solution for players is either not to buy the game, or to seek a refund. The developer has, at the time of publishing, not issued any statement, and we're having difficulty tracking down any contact details - we'll update if this changes. Meantime, best give this one a swerve.