What's Your Favourite Ever Opening to a Game?

By David Meikleham on at

I'm horrendously late to the Final Fantasy XV party. Like, 'only started it last night' late. Going in, my expectations were fairly indifferent. I've not touched one of Square's JRPGs since FFXV, but after slogging through the lengthy tutorial, I was immediately bowled over by Prince Noctis and chums' stellar opening scene.

Your first meaningful act in FFXV should be incredibly dull – all you do is slowly push the game's convertible a few yards down the road after the car's engine has stalled. Yet somehow, through a belting piece of music, easing the Regalia down the highway suddenly feels moving, almost profound.

That's thanks to Florence + The Machine's utterly dreamy cover of Ben E. King's Stand By Me. It's one of the coolest covers I've heard in quite some time, and the track immediately elevates an otherwise dull action into a moment I know is going to stay with me for ages. It really is a great little opening, and certainly not something I was expecting from Final Fantasy XV.

But what about you fine folks? What's your favourite ever opening to a game? To get the gears in your head grinding away, here are a couple of other excellent openings presented in pictorial form:

God of War II's opening boss battle against the Colossus of Rhodes remains one of the series' greatest moments. 

The Last of Us' prologue is probably the most devastating opening I've ever played. God, it's all coming back. 

Bioshock's incredible descent into Rapture.

So let your voices be heard below, gentle readers. What's your favourite ever opening to a game?