Overkill Addresses Payday 2 Missing Content and Updates

By Laura Kate Dale on at

With Payday 2 releasing on the Switch this Friday, many players have been disappointed to learn that it won't launch feature-complete compared to other versions of the game. Rather, the Switch version will launch as an older version of the game, without all of its most recent updates.

Addressing the issue on Reddit, developer Overkill explained how much of the game would be present at launch, and that more would be coming over time.

We’ve seen the questions and discussions regarding PAYDAY 2 for the Nintendo Switch. It’s awesome to see the excitement for the launch on Friday. We understand some of you were disappointed expecting a later version of the game at launch. We added as much content we could, including the new heister Joy, before we needed to finalize the game for submission with Nintendo.

The content available at launch is up to and including the Most Wanted update available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with future updates planned as well. There are many challenges with making PAYDAY 2 available for a new platform, and the confusion around the different versions is understandable.

While Overkill stopped shy of stating if the game would ever be feature-complete on Switch, this at least gives customers some advance warning, and allows them to make more informed purchasing choices about the port. Payday 2 is still playable on the go at least, which for many may be enough to balance out the missing content.