THQ Nordic Just Bought Koch Media

By Laura Kate Dale on at

THQ Nordic, publishers of such games as Darksiders 3, Biomutant, and De Blob, just bought Koch Media, who own Saints Row and Dead Island publisher Deep Silver, for €121 million (approximately £108 million).

As a result of this deal, THQ Nordic now own all of Deep Silver's studios and games, as well as the exclusive rights to the Metro games, which 4A develop. THQ Nordic apparently plans to allow Deep Silver to carry on unaffected as a separate company within a company, and have no plans to cancel any of the publisher's planned games in development. Basically, it owns the company, but plans to just let Koch Media keep doing its thing for the time being.

The two companies seem like they fit well together, as both of them make AAA video games which are often on the more experimental side, operating in a similar small end of the AAA industry space. It'll be interesting to see what effect if any this will have on the companies games going forward.