PS4 and Nintendo Switch Are Set to Get More Point-and-Click Adventures

By Kim Snaith on at

Adventure Productions and MixedBag, two independent games publishers, have today teamed together in the name of bringing more point and click adventure games to both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

There's been a resurgence in the genre in recent years anyway, with the likes of Thimbleweed Park releasing last autumn, and Double Fine having success with a slew of LucasArts remasters. And the Switch, especially, makes sense as a home for classic adventure games — when in handheld mode, its touchscreen is the perfect base for pointing and clicking.

The first games announced from the new partnership between MixedBag and Adventure Productions are Detective Gallo and The WardrobeThe Wardrobe released back in February last year on PC, and Detective Gallo, although crowdfunded in 2016 and slated for release last summer, has yet to be released on any format. Both have been positively received though, so it'll be good to see them both finally land on PS4 and Switch.

Here's a trailer for Detective Gallo:

And another for The Wardrobe:

There's no release date for either just yet, but let's hope it begins a wave of new and exciting adventure games coming to our consoles. Sorry Xbox One owners, you're going to have to sit this one out.