When Your Monster Hunter: World Character Looks Different In-Game

By Brian Ashcraft on at

In more and more games, the character creation tools are amazing. You can craft cool, cute and, yes, sexy-looking characters. But what if your creations look slightly different when in the field? Bummer!

As pointed out by Monster Hunter YouTuber Gaijin Hunter, some folks are feeling let down by how their character creations appear to change.

The discrepancy might be because, as Gaijin Hunter adds, the custom faces might look good from one angle, but less so at other ones. So, these could be unflattering angles. Also, it looks like certain face types and hairstyles end up slightly different in-game. But hey, there isn’t the same gap for everyone! Many people’s characters turned out a-okay.

But this Twitter user, for example, claimed to have spent 90 minutes making a character, only to be disappointed by how the character looked in-game. The expectation is that the character should look exactly the same, I guess.

This tweet has gone viral in Japan as has this one.

Another viral tweet compared it to photo filters that make selfies look better.

This Twitter user wanted to make a “cool woman type,” but was let down by the in-game result.

Here are more disappointed Monster Hunter: World players, with comparisons via Twitter and 2ch (here and here), Japan’s largest online forum. Some of the in-game characters, mind you, look totally fine!

Just think of character creation as its own game, and then you’ll never be let down.