Dragon Ball FighterZ On Lowest Settings Is Like Going Back In Time

By Mike Fahey on at

Here’s a fun thing to do while you’re waiting for a spot in one of Dragon Ball FighterZ PC’s crowded online hubs—turn the graphics down way low and pretend you’re playing a Game Boy Advance game.

Inspired by a post from Pixelbuster on Twitter, I went into the PC version of Dragon Ball FighterZ’s generous graphics settings menu and turned everything down real low. Key among the settings is one called “Resolution Scaling.”

Turn it up to the max, and everything is nice and sharp. Set it to its lowest possible value, and you get this:

Some elements, like the super bars in the bottom corners and some of the background effects, are still pretty clear. Everything else looks like I’m emulating a handheld game from 15 years ago. I find it beautiful, especially in motion.