Voez Switch Version 1.3.1 Adds Docked Controller Play Options

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Voez was one of the first games to arrive on Switch that did not work in docked mode, instead it was playable only as a handheld game making use of touchscreen controls. Now, almost a year after it originally released and just prior to it getting a retail release in Japan, Voez has been updated to support controllers and docked play in all regions.

Voez is a music rhythm game where players tap shapes as they reach certain spots on a timeline, making sure to keep time with the music. The newest update allows players to use the controller buttons to play instead of dabbing at the touchscreen with their fingers.

If nothing else, this does make it a little easier to capture video footage of the game, so if you wanted to stream some music rhythm gameplay on Twitch, you'll actually be able to hook up your capture kit now.