Game Files Suggest Mario Odyssey Could Get Zombie, Link, Santa Outfits

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to some enterprising coders who have been digging into the files for Mario Odyssey, there might be more costumes on the way for our moustachioed hero.

In Super Mario Odyssey some in-game costumes like the Metal, 64, Skeleton and Invisible outfits do odd things to Mario's head and, as a result, the game has to occasionally run scripts in order to correctly place equipped hats. While digging through game files, Twitter user @RandomTBush found what appears to be multiple scripts for outfits not currently in the game, including a Link Outfit, a Santa Outfit and a Zombie Outfit.

We've already seen new costumes added to the game in the form of things like the Knight Armour Outfit earlier this month, so it's not ridiculous to imagine these are outfits planned to release down the line for the game – but equally, they could be outfits that for whatever reason were eventually rejected for inclusion. We'll find out the truth soon enough, but it looks like there's a bright future ahead for those of us who enjoy dressing Mario up in crazy little outfits.