Well, There's Now an Official PlayStation Shoe

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a super-serious Sony fan and need the world to know it at all times, there's already a wealth of officially licensed PlayStation shirts, hoodies, Christmas jumpers and socks out there. But until now, your feet have probably been lacking a pair of official console-branded light-up shoes to complete this slightly tacky sounding corporate ensemble. If this very specific niche is you, then congrats, your lucky day is today. Sony just announced official PlayStation shoes.

The shoes, made by Nike in collaboration with NBA All-Star Paul George, feature light up PlayStation logos that can be set to on, off, or pulsing light. They also have a PSN code on each heel, but we don't yet know what your shoe codes earn you. I'm quietly hoping for a shoe themed PSN mini game of some kind.

We also don't yet know when the shoes will go on sale, or for how much. All we really know is that some PlayStation fans' feet are going to be proudly sporting their favourite brand, flashing lights and all, at some point soon.