Games of 2018: British Games

By Laura Kate Dale on at

"NO GAME IS BETTER THAN A BAD GAME" screams the tiny bureaucrat, as the List God impales their puny body on a scale replica of Big Ben. The List God wants British games! Rule, the List God! The List God rules the waves! Britons never never never will be... ah, wait a moment, that's a bit problematic.

Are we not all slaves of the List God? And here's the thing. The List God wants PURE BRIT. The List God demands a Great British Bakeoff FPS, the Queen in VR, and Theresa May starring in a multiple-choice adventure where every outcome is terrible. The List God wants TEA. CRUMPETS. PADDINGTON BEAR. In video game form.

Look, the List God is bloody sick of your nonsense you slaaaaag. Got it? Here's every British game we could find that's coming out in 2018.

Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship, early 2018

Abandon Ship is a procedurally generated naval combat game where players take part in fights, complete quests, and journey the world, with a visual style that aims to replicate old naval paintings.

Act It Out XL

Ps4, Xbox One, PC
Snap Finger Click, Q1 2018

Act It Out XL is a Pictionary and charades-style game designed to work with the Twitch API. The idea is you stream yourself acting and drawing hidden prompts, and your stream viewers then have to guess the answer. The game will recognise when a correct answer is typed in the Twitch chat and show their name on screen, adding them to a competitive leaderboard.

Aperion Cyberstorm

Switch, Wii U, PC, Xbox One
Apriori Digital, early 2018

Aperion Cyberstorm is a 1-5 player, twin stick, bullet hell shooter which can be played with multiple players either cooperatively as a series of campaign levels, cooperatively as a survival wave experience, or competitively in a versus mode. The game also features a number of accessibility options, including automating some controls so players can focus on others.

Apex Arena

Cake Collective, TBA

Apex Arena sees players take part in something similar to Tron disc wars, throwing discus’ (discii?!?) which bound off walls and return to the thrower, creating a frantic game of trying to avoid high speed, one-hit kill projectiles.

Armoured Engines

Bounder Games, late 2018

Armoured Engines is a colourful steampunk western where you play as a train conductor and her living train, searching for the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. You load your train up with weapons, defences and combat-ready passengers then try to survive incoming hordes of enemies.


Nyamyam, Q4 2018

Astrologaster is a narrative-driven comedy game in which the player is invited to do “real” astrology, in the role of 16th-century astrologer and real-world historical figure Simon Forman. By casting and interpreting real astrological charts the player helps Forman 'solve' his patients’ problems, which range from Elizabethan terror plots and foul diseases to romantic entanglements and missing pets.

Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows

Wild Logic, TBA

Attack of the Mutant Fishcrows is a fast paced, survival action platformer about saving a world from, you know, mutant fishcrows. It does also seem to involve owls watching everything you do.


Puppy Games, 31st March

I live not far from Basingstoke, so the idea of a videogame where Basingstoke is full of terrifying creatures and I would need to escape the town as soon as possible with no real help from the police makes me chuckle. Not saying it’s accurate or not, but it sure gave me a good chuckle to think about.

Before I Forget

3-Fold Games, Q4 2018

Before I Forget is a narrative adventure game about a woman named Sunita who is living with dementia. The game sees you explore a house, interacting with objects, and try to contextually piece together your life – even though what is remembered may not always be accurate or relevant.

Beyond Arm’s Reach

Round Squares Studio, May 2018

Beyond Arm's Reach is an action adventure game, set in a 1950s steampunk world, where players make use of a grappling hook to negotiate the giant blown-out 3D environments.

Brew Town

Android, iOS
We Fight Bears, February

Brew Town is a mobile game about growing your own craft brewery business, from a home setup to a multinational brand. You’ll need to do everything from running the business, to designing the label art for the bottles.

Call of the Void

Robert Harrison, late 2018

Call of the Void is an adventure game meets turn-based RPG, in the vein of games like South Park: The Stick of Truth. The game focuses on making friends while trying to save the world from impending evil.


Inertia Games, Q3/Q4 2018

Catastronauts is a mix between Overcooked and FTL, where players must work together to fix a ship while defeating enemies, all with a slightly goofy art style.


Pi-Top, TBA

Already available on the Pi-Top, but coming to Steam in 2018, CEEDuniverse is an adventure game designed to teach coding to 11-16 year olds. Travelling the galaxy, players are tasked with recovering the stolen intelligence of a species, using science and technological knowledge to progress through the world.

Chemically Bonded

DS-Sans, Summer 2018

Chemically Bonded is a visual novel romance sim releasing this summer. The plot focuses around romancing women, and somehow in the process enabling them to reach their ambitious life goals, because without love there’s no way to work out your baggage and become that chemist you always wanted to be.

Claws of Furry

Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS4 (TBC)
Terahard, Q1 2018

Claws of Furry is a 2D side scrolling beat-’em-up where you play as the feline equivalent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. That’s all I need to know.

Crackdown 3

Xbox One, PC
Sumo Digital, TBA

Crackdown 3 is an open world action shooter game that focuses heavily on destructible environments and superpowered world traversal. When the game was first announced, Microsoft made claims that when playing online, players would have access to twenty times the processing power for world destruction physics processing as normal, but these claims have gone quiet during years of delays for the game.

Cultist Simulator

Weather Factory, 8th May

Cultist Simulator is a Roguelike narrative card game where players seek unholy mysteries in the 1920s. Balance building your disciples, summoning dark gods, and not being caught by all those annoying do-gooders.


Sizable Games, Summer 2018

Cyglide is a procedurally-generated flying action game, aiming to mix elements of Pilot Wings and Panzer Dragoon. Great!


Matthew Brown, first half of 2018

Cypher is a puzzle game set in a museum, where players learn to solve cryptographic puzzles, starting with simple ciphers and moving up towards modern encryption. Players are expected to use a pen and paper to help find passwords to progress.

Dark Future: Blood Red States

Auroch Digital, late 2018

Based on the 80’s Games Workshop IP Dark Future, Blood Red States is a realtime strategy car combat game, with time-slowing mechanics, set in a future ravaged by climate change.

Dawn of the Ronin

Rising Sun Studios, late 2018

Dawn of the Ronin places you in the shoes of an unnamed warrior in 16th century Japan. The art style makes considerable use of silhouettes and shadows to look all cool and mysterious.

Dead End Job

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Ant Workshop, TBA

In Dead End Job you play Hector Plasm, a ghostbuster who has to fight bullet hell ghosts and suck them up into his backpack, aiming to become employee of the month. The art style looks like a 90s cartoon, and the characters are full of personality. And we all know that bustin' makes you feel good.

Disobedient Sheep

Laurie James, TBA

Disobedient Sheep is a local multiplayer game where two players control sheepdogs trying to herd sheep in a variety of lighthearted game modes. Wake up sheeple!


Media Molecule, 2018 (Probably, I mean, it’s got to be, right?)

Dreams is a sandbox game from the developers of Little Big Planet and Tearaway where players are encouraged to create and share their own levels and assets for others to play through. The game contains a lot of creative tools through which stories can be told, and has deeply impressed those who’ve had a chance to go hands on with it.

Failure: NeuroSlicers

Dream Harvest Games, TBA

Failure: NeuroSlicers is a cyberpunk, narrative-focused top down RTS game which focuses on multiplayer, arenas with no fog of war, and more technobabble cyberpunk hacking to do than I expected when I woke up this morning. Ahhh, hack the nodes everyone, the nodes!


iOS, Android, Apple TV
Rogue Games, 15th February

Flo is a simple game in which you need to swap from hugging the top side or bottom side of a curve, while avoiding obstacles and not hitting the line at too abrupt an angle, to a calm upbeat musical track.

God’s Gift

Seventeen Uncles, Q4 2018

God’s Gift is a puzzle platforming game where you lead a group of cultist followers to be sacrificed to different gods in exchange for additional powers.


Superstring Studio, May/June 2018

Headspun is a game made up of a mixture of FMV video and 2D animation, where you play as the conscious and subconscious embodiment of the the mind of a man who recently came out of a coma. Think Inside Out, but with a teenage boy and you get to shape where he ends up going in life.

Heaven’s Vault

Inkle Studios, second half of 2018

From the developers of the multi award winning 80 days, Heaven’s Vault is an archaeological action adventure game. You fly through space, searching for a missing roboticist, deciphering ancient languages and exploring a world full of characters with complex motives.

Hyper Sentinel

PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Huey Games, Q1 2018

Hyper Sentinel is an arcade-style space shoot ‘em up with multiple graphical options allowing players to emulate the screen curvature and colour palettes of older computers like the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64 while still playing at a solid 60 FPS.

Knights and Bikes

Foam Sword, TBA

Knights and Bikes tells the story of Nessa and Demelza, two tough imaginative girls trying to save their small island community through treasure hunting and imagined layers of excitement. The art style is thanks to the creative director of Tearaway, and the game can be played solo, in local co-op, or online co-op. This feels like one to really watch out for.


Pixelcount Studios, late 2018

Kynseed is a PC RPG that takes serious inspiration from both Fable, and Stardew Valley, the former of which is probably because it’s being developed by some ex-Lionhead staff. You grow a family tree across generations, fight monsters for resources, farm, and live life quietly in unique towns.

Laser League

Roll 7, early 2018

Laser League is a six player multiplayer title where two teams of three players fight for control of an arena by activating coloured lasers which hurt the enemy, but do not hurt your team. Your aim is to activate as many lasers as possible, not get killed by enemy lasers, and make use of different class roles which confer unique abilities in gameplay.

Launch Party

Pink Brain Labs, Q1 2018

Launch Party is a game where one player can see and interact with an in-game space rocket mission control interface, covered in readouts and switches, and the other players have access to a manual over 100 pages long to diagnose solutions. Players have to problem solve quickly to launch the rocket safely, and keep it stable as it climbs, in increasingly difficult challenges.


Spilt Milk Studios, Q1 2018

Lazarus is a top-down sci-fi action game where players take part in space dogfights over turf and resources, but every real world week the game’s persistent world is reset.


PC, Android, iOS
Polyfox, TBA

Locomotion! is a puzzle game where players manage a train in order to collect treasures hidden across a stage, sending it through portals and whatnot along the way. No word on whether the on-board shop stocks the Daily Mail though.

Nano Golf

Android, iOS
Ajmal Rizni, February

Nano Golf is a touch screen mini golf game, but one with interesting mechanics on show, like the below shot where a ball splits, and one move affects both new balls.

Not Tonight – A Post-Brexit Thriller

Panic Barn, Q1/Q2 2018

In Not Tonight, you play a British bouncer finding work in the gig economy in a post-Brexit Britain where the far right have seized political control and everyone of European descent is being 'cleansed' from cities. Rather on-the-nose, but trying to keep financially afloat in the UK post-Brexit certainly has some charm .

OAOA – Off And On Again

PC, Xbox One
Ginger Biscuit Games, TBA

OAOA is a puzzle platformer where players take on the role of an AI, tasked with rebooting and restoring a computer to a pre-infected state by turning parts of the world on and off at will.

Off Grid

Semaeopus, Q4 2018

Off Grid is a 3D stealth hacking game about a technophobic father who accidentally becomes embroiled in a large technological conspiracy. The game touches on real world privacy issues, and allows the player to affect the world around them using data accumulated while exploring the level.

Orange Island

Ted Sterchi, 2018

Orange Island is an action RPG modelled after games like Legacy of the Wizard. The story attempts to touch on personal and current world issues.

PC Building Simulator

The Irregular Corporation, January

PC Building Simulator aims to be a realistic simulation that can teach players how to build and upgrade their own real world PC. Featuring licensed parts, the game talks players through removing and replacing components, and has a career mode where players run a virtual computer repair business. Wait... is this Inception?!?


EightyEight Games, TBA

Photographs is a series of five mechanically distinct puzzle games, used to tell 5 narrative stories about people and the regrets life left them with, which all ultimately tie together to be part of one larger story.


Switch, PC
Sectordub, summer 2018

Pikuniku is both a single player adventure game, and a co-op puzzle game, using colourful lighthearted visuals alongside dystopian themes to create a dissonant and uncanny narrative experience.


Narratio, Q2 2018

Powerless is a narrative adventure game told from the perspectives of multiple characters, in a world where a global power outage has occurred. Explore how the lives of different types of people are affected, and hopefully stay alive long enough to unravel the larger overarching mystery.

Princess to the Rescue

A Little Red Panda, TBA

Princess to the Rescue is a puzzle platformer aimed at young children, where they can take on the role of a princess attempting to save her kingdom from a curse.

Q.U.B.E. 2

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Toxic Games, early 2018

Q.U.B.E. 2 puts players in the shoes of fictional British archaeologist Amelia Cross, who has awoken on a strange alien planet, and must solve puzzles with fellow survivor Emma in the hopes of finding a way back home to earth.


Ruffian Games, TBA

Play a series of short rapid-fire mini games in VR. There are 25 in total, from hurling vinyl record at zombies to speed eating burgers, and RAD TV aims to be a VR experience that is actually fun with others – rather than isolating

Racing Apex

PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Lucky Mountain Games, TBA

Racing Apex is an arcade style racing game which makes use of a polygonal art style, but with modern graphical improvements layered upon that. The game features multiplayer support, and allows cars to damage each other with weapons.


Ground Shatter, TBA

RICO is a buddy cop action first person shooter with co-op support where you play as a pair of loose cannon police officers, given twenty-four hours to crack a big case. Kick down doors, shoot people, blow stuff up, walk away confidently and catch the criminal in big flashy action movie style.

RiftStar Raiders

Vision Games, Q1 2018

RiftStar Raiders is an online multiplayer top down space shooter game where the loot collected in missions allows for upgrading and personalising your class role. It may sound straightforward but we've played this and there's a nice strategic layer atop the moment-to-moment combat.

Rocket Punch

Shame, late 2018

The year is 20XX and global warming continues to devastate the Earth: the only hope left for humanity is to punch the sun right in the face! Use your DualShock 4 in unconventional ways to guide the Rocket Fist through space, punching the faces of old satellites, Space Nazis and 80s techno demons as you go. Designed to force players to imitate old TV depictions of video games, you'll be made to wave your controller around wildly, hold it upside down, on its side, and even use two controllers at once. You'll look like a big idiot playing it, but grin like one too.

Rogue Aces

Ps4, Xbox One, Vita
Curve Digital, February

Rogue Aces is a roguelike air combat game whose mechanics look fairly reminiscent of Luftrausers. The game combines randomly generated missions, procedurally generated islands, and an upgrade system for your aircraft.

Sea of Thieves

Xbox One, PC
Rare, 20th March

Sea of Thieves is an upcoming open world multiplayer game where a group of friends can work together to crew a pirate ship, take part in naval battles, search for treasure, and get drunk as a crew. Many activities require multiple players working together, as one player for example cannot steer a ship, read a map, raise the sails and fire the cannons at the same time.

Smash Hit Plunder

Triangular Pixels, Q2 2018

Smash Hit Plunder is a VR game about exploring a creepy castle and trying to collect treasure safely, where a second player can use the TV to assist in your search for abandoned riches.

Smith and Winston

Execution Unit, early 2018

Smith and Winston is a voxel art twinstick shooter currently in development for PC. It looks pretty sexy actually, but we don't have any more info than that.

Stranded Hearts

Dreamgate Games, TBA

Stranded Hearts is a lesbian dating sim meets survival sim about a trio of women who find themselves stranded on an uninhabited island. Can the group open up and trust each other? Can they escape the island? Can they survive alone? Only time will tell.


Adam Curtis, TBA

Stroll! is a two player exploration game set in a forest, designed to be pleasant and calm as a priority. It also has a dedicated hide and seek button, which the developer believes is a first in games. I can’t think of another, so fair enough!

Supermarket Shriek

PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Billy Goat, summer 2018

Here’s the premise of Supermarket Shriek. You play a man with a supermarket trolley, which has a goat in it, and you’ve gone out of control running full speed through the aisles. In order to turn, two players have to work together, screaming into microphones to make the man or the goat scream and turn the cart in their controlled direction. It’s a lot of frantic fast-paced human and animal carnage predicated on wrecking a busy supermarket, and I can’t stop giggling at the concept.

Telling Lies

PC, Android, iOS
Sam Barlow, 2018

From the creator of the critically acclaimed Her Story, Telling Lies will apparently follow a similar format of allowing players to interact with pieces of live action fiction, but with a far higher production budget behind it. The game is a crime thriller with 3-4 key characters in the story.

Tender Caves of Death

Samanthuel Gibson, 2018

Tender Caves of Death is a surreal RPG set in the far flung future of 1998, where all animals have vanished, and strange creatures are emerging onto the earth from a mysterious hole.

The Alpha Device

Switch, PC
Byron Atkinson-Jones, February

The Alpha Device is a narratively focused adventure game, in a procedurally-generated world, that we know next to nothing about, but the developer has made interesting games in the past so this is worth keeping an eye on.

The Persistence

Firesprite, summer 2018

The Persistence is described as a sci-fi, stealth, horror roguelike, where players must survive trapped on a ship with a murderous former crew. Here's what we thought of it when we went hands-on.

The Rainsdowne Players

SOGorman Games, TBA

The Rainsdowne Players is a music rhythm RPG about a small local theatre group trying to please a demanding audience. Handle hecklers, expand your performance options, learn the needs of characters and take part in music rhythm sections inspired by Rhythm Tengoku.

The Siege and the Sandfox

Cardboard Sword, TBA

The Siege and the Sandfox is a 2D Metroidvania game with stealth elements, where you play an assassin falsely accused of the murder of a king and thrown into labyrinthine dungeon below the castle. As a player you’ll have to make use of parkour and stealth skills to survive, escape, and reveal the truth of the king’s demise to the world. Also, look at that gorgeous art style.

The Signal

PC, Mobile, Switch
Quantum Sheep, TBA

The Signal is a narrative puzzle game about humanity trying to decipher and understand communications with alien species. The game makes use of a wireframe aesthetic and tasks players with interpreting intentions and working out how to act in response.

Tick, Tick, Pass

Chequered Ink LTD, TBA

Tick, Tick, Pass is a multiplayer party game quiz show, where players have to answer questions on  a very broad range of topics and categories, competing for the goal of QUIZ SUPREMACY.

Treasure Adventure World

Chucklefish, 7th February 

Treasure Adventure World sees you play as Peep, an amnesiac young boy who has washed up alone on a mysterious island, with a hook where your right hand should be. Through puzzle platforming gameplay you explore islands, fight bosses, and work your way through a series of challenges which can be impacted by the weather which changes over time.


Final Floor Studios, April

VentureVerse is an isometric perspective game about exploring dungeons, collecting items, and fighting monsters in the style of the older Legend of Zelda top-down titles. The game contains co-op support, as well as a level editor allowing players to design their own dungeons for players to work through.


Switch, Xbox One, PC
Chucklefish, early 2018

Wargroove is an upcoming turn-based strategy tactics game with substantial level and campaign creation tools, as well as a pre packaged campaign mode.

Wilmot’s Warehouse

Richard Hogg and Ricky Haggett, TBA

From the creative team behind Hohokum, Wilmot’s Warehouse is a game for people who like to organise things. Set in a 1980s warehouse on the A5 between Daventry and Hinkley, you are put in charge of a warehouse with no formal storage organisation system. It’s up to you where to store each of the 500 types of items that can come off the truck, and you’ll need to remember where things are kept because you might be expected to quickly retrieve specific stock.

Windlands 2

PSVR, Oculus, Vive
Psytec Games, TBA

The original Windlands was a VR game about using a pair of grappling hooks to swing through a world, exploring as you went. Windlands 2 expands via multiplayer support, increased scope, and a greater focus on combat.

Yorkshire Gubbins

Stairfall Institute, TBA

While its first episode came out in 2017, Yorkshire Gubbins is an adventure game, with all its remaining episodes still to release, so we’re letting it sneak onto our 2018 games list. The game is a series of light-hearted comedy point and click adventure stories, and while it includes a few futuristic elements like robots, at it’s core it’s grounded in good ol’ real world Yorkshire.


Hairy Heart Games, TBA

Yucatan is an arcade-style racer filled with neon colours, sweet flips, explosions, a space leopard and talking skulls decorating the courses.

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