Games of 2018: Action Games

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The List God doesn’t have time for your bullshit! It wants ACTION and it wants it now! Dialogue? Do one. Cutscenes? Get out. Downtime? Do not test me. The List God wants to feel the raw thrill as button presses translate into virtual kinetic energy, and baddies of all shapes and sizes are smeared upon the walls. The List God wants to feel the rapturous joy of an adrenaline-soaked heart, near-bursting with intensity, as the final blow lands on some hapless thug!

Here are all the action games coming out in 2018 that we could find. Doubtless you’ll let us know if we’ve missed one but please, List God, spare our tender faces.

Monster Hunter World

PS4, Xbox One (PC release later)
Capcom, 30th January

OMFG!! Capcom only went and made a big Monster Hunter and it’s out in a few weeks! Our acting editor Rich Stanton is hyperventilating, lying on the floor kicking his legs while screaming about something called his desire sensor being off the charts – he seems very excited. Fingers crossed, this is gonna be a special game.

Past Cure

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Phantom8 Studio, 2nd February

A third person action-adventure about a former soldier hunting down the people who experimented on him, we still haven’t seen much of Past Cure – but fans of the excellent Second Sight might recognise a few familiar elements in the range of telekinetic abilities the protagonist displays.


All Yes Good, 8th February

If you’re not excited about Octogeddon, here’s why you should be: the delicious brain behind it belongs to one George Fan, the creator of the original Plants Vs Zombies. You control an octopus who basically upgrades each of its tentacles into a weapon in order to destroy the world. Sign me up!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Knights of Britannia

Bandai Namco, 9th February

Cute anime and lots of hacky-slashy action make up this action title based on the manga of the same name. We’re just won over by the super cute pig and want to know if its oversized ears means it can fly.

Dynasty Warriors 9

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Omega Force, 13th February

Who doesn’t like a good Musuo game? It’s been a good while since Dynasty Warriors 8, believe it or not, because this entry is moving from open levels towards even more of an open world feel. The stuff everyone expects from Dynasty Warriors will be present and correct, but if the developer gets this shift right it could be a game-changer for the series. We’ll know soon enough.

Metal Gear Survive

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Konami, 22nd February

The first post-Kojima Metal Gear game is, somewhat understandably, a spinoff from the main series. Some fans have already decided it’s not for them, but the foundation of MGSV with heavy base-building and survival elements could prove inspired – I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this will turn out to be… pretty good.

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Bandai Namco, 23rd February

The latest entry to the popular Sword Art Online franchise brings familiar characters and gameplay, and lots of shooting. It’s coming to Xbox One and PC simultaneously for the first time, too.


NapNok Games, 7th March

An action-packed party game filled with funky claymation-style characters, Frantics is best enjoyed in local co-op. From tests of your strategy skills to all-out brawls, it’ll have you battling it out with your friends to win ‘crowns’.

A.O.T. 2

PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Koei Tecmo, 20th March

Where Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warrior’s team normally create licensed games where you run through thick fields of cannon fodder enemies, swinging a blade and feeling like a badass. A.O.T took the Attack on Titan anime and used it as an excuse to experiment successfully with combat centred on swinging around giant beasts hitting their vulnerable points to take them down, which was a far more involved process. A.O.T. 2 continues following the story of the series, while giving players an excuse to return to the series unique gameplay style.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

SEGA, 20th March 

When you include Virtua Fighter 5 as a minigame, you’re just showing off. But hey, what else is Yakuza about? Kazuma Kiryu returns as the main playable character in another OTT collection of RPG plotlines, street fights, endless minigames, and a heavy dose of humour. The true heir to Shenmue shines brighter than ever.

Beast Quest - The Official Game

Ps4, Xbox One
Maximum Games, 27th March

Based on a very popular book series, the Beast Quest game tasks players with freeing creatures in a medieval land from corruption. Take part in combat, upgrade your character, and explore the world of the books.


PS4, Xbox One, PC
Dontnod, Q2 2018

From the developers of Life is Strange, Vampyr tells the story of a doctor turned vampire who has to balance his hippocratic oath and his need to drink blood. Far more of a direct action title than Life is Strange, the title does still contain dialogue options, and you can in theory complete the game without killing anyone, though this will make some encounters more difficult.

Skull and Bones

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Ubisoft, Late 2018

Based heavily on the naval sections of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, Skull and Bones is an open world tactical action game where players can, either in single player or online multiplayer, take to the seas and attempt to sink other ships, find treasure, and survive on the open ocean.


PC, PS4, Xbox One
Experiment 101, TBA

Filing this one under ‘nuts but might be spectacular’, BioMutant is a mash-up of kung-fu and guns within a large open world, where the key feature seems to be just how moddable your avatar is. As well as crafting weapons you can craft body parts, gradually turning your starting raccoon into… well, some sort of terrifying biomutant.

Code Vein

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Bandai Namco, TBA

Code Vein is like Dark Souls, if you put a thick coat of anime paint on it and told it to be angsty if it wanted to be cool. With more cutscenes than Dark Souls, and a character who wouldn’t look out of place on an emo teen’s wall, Code Vein is anime Dark Souls through and through.

Crackdown 3

PC, Xbox One
Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, Ruffian Games, Cloudgine, TBA

Hmmm. Crackdown 3 has had something of a troubled gestation period, which could be down to its Big Feature being enormous destructible environments that use The Power of the Cloud™ to crumble. Having been delayed several times the game’s development is now shared across several studios, though one of these is at least Ruffian Games, whose staff go right back to the original Crackdown. Who knows how this will turn out but, to look on the positive side, Microsoft is seriously investing in making this work.

Darksiders 3

PS4, Xbox One, PC
THQ Nordic, TBA

The third game in the Darksiders series, Darksiders 3 follows Fury, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Fury is a mage, wielding flaming whips, who is on a quest to murder the seven deadly sins.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

PS4, Xbox One, PC
Capcom, 2018

Looking fairly graphically similar to a 2012 PS3 and 360 collection, this current generation Devil May Cry HD Collection will feature Devil May Cry, Devil May Cry 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition.


Iron Galaxy, TBA

Attack on Titan by another name, Extinction casts you as David in a world jam-packed with enormous goliaths – then tasks you with killing them all. Neat-looking traversal mechanics and combat make this one to watch, though it’ll need to avoid the repetition that ultimately made the official Attack on Titan tie-in a little dull.

God of War

Santa Monica, TBA

While the first three mainline God of War games were largely angsty affairs, with the God of War Kratos violently murdering every god his pantheon had ever known, this new PS4 title seems much slower and more contemplative in footage shown so far. Kratos is raising a young boy to fight and hunt, he appears to be in a more Norse inspired setting, but the combat is still fluid, fast and over the top violent action. At its core, this is still a God of War game.

God’s Trigger

PC, PS4, Xbox One
Techland, TBA

Intense top-down co-op action from Techland, God’s Trigger isn’t especially complicated but looks like it could be a great blast. The name is , amusingly enough, because your ultimate aim is to take down the four horsemen of the apocalypse – hey, why not!


Red Kite Games, TBA

Hollowpoint has had a long gestation period, and was more or less finished when developer Ruffian and publisher Paradox parted ways in early 2017. Developer Red Kite has taken on development duties, and is talking about Shadow Complex a lot. Given the time invested in the game across multiple studios you’d hope this has something going for it, and we’ll find out soon enough – either way it’ll just be good to see the thing released.

Kingdom Hearts 3

PS4, Xbox One
Square Enix, TBA

One of the longest in development sequels of all time, Kingdom Hearts 3 will see Sora return to a number of new and past Disney and Final Fantasy-themed worlds, using his keyblade to beat up heartless and unravel a plot so complex you'll need a primer before you jump in.


Reinkout, TBA

Save people from vats while dodging the dangers! The lo-fi style bringing this concept to life is something to behold, as you Benny Hill your little stickman around and try to lead bad stickmen into traps.

Narita Boy

Koba Studios, TBA

A seriously gorgeous looker, this has Sworcery vibes all over it. You play Narita Boy, who has to save the digital kingdom with his techno sword, and yes those are the neon vibes of 80s nostalgia you can detect. This looks like a fluid and atmospheric beat-em-up channelling classic stuff like Double Dragon, but re-imagining those styles for a modern audience. There’s some real class on show here: keep an eye on this one.

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again

Grasshopper Manufacture, TBA

The original No More Heroes was something of a tentpole title for Wii – a fantastic third person action game that you couldn’t get on PlayStation or Xbox (or a few years, at least). The schlocky otaku assassin vibe, refined combat and limited open world made it a unique experience, probably Suda and Grasshopper’s best work, and over a decade later it’ll be fascinating to see if any of the magic remains.


Cococucumber, TBA

A gorgeous isomateric voxel adventure for 1-4 players, Riverbond’s surprise is its fast-paced action – more reminiscent of a beat-em-up than an action RPG. The environment is mightily destructible, it all looks lovely, sign us up.


Insomniac, 2018

While Marvel have been doing amazing work with their movie universe, it has been a long time since we’ve seen a truly big budget Marvel super hero centred video game. While Spider-man on the PS4 is not directly linked to the MCU, it does seem to be carrying over the overall tone, style and action pacing. Swing between buildings, non lethally take down enemies, and take part in big action quick time events to take on huge enemies.

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