Catherine: Full Body Trailer Teases New Romance Rin

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While currently only available in Japanese, we've now got our first look at Catherine: Full Body, a remake of 2011's Catherine with a new third romance path added. The trailer gives us a glimpse of Rin, the new third romancable character, as well as some new gameplay elements within the nightmare puzzles.

The trailer showcases new connected blocks which slide together, laser blocks, and an item that creates a 3x3 block underneath you.

We also get hints at Rin likely being a transgender character, as implied by the repeated use of a transgender symbol on the Full Body Teaser Website, as well as Vincent's horror when face to face with her crotch. This is a trailer and not the final game, but considering the original Catherine's poor track record with trans representation, using a pre-transition name for a character in their credits and manual and giving male-only nightmares to a trans woman character, I'm not holding my breath that this new romance will be handled tastefully. I'd love to be proven wrong, but their track record doesn't fill me with hope.

Catherine: Full Body releases in Japan Winter 2018.