Loot Boxes in iOS Apps Must Now Disclose Item Drop Rates Ahead of Purchases

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In the ongoing saga of loot boxes, Apple has just taken a stance not taken by many platform holders. According to the latest iOS developer guidelines, developers who include loot boxes in their games are now required to tell people before they spend any money what the chances are of them getting a particular item they're after.

Loot box drop rate figures already exist for most AAA video games, thanks to Chinese ratings boards. In China, developers are required to disclose loot box item drop rates as standard, so people who know where to look could find that information for many English language games, but Apple are making a move here which should hopefully increase transparency without requiring people to muddle through Chinese websites.

It'll be interesting if other platform holders follow suit with this requirement. An informed consumer is a happier and safer consumer after all.