Looks Like Mad Catz Has Extra Lives

By Rich Stanton on at

There are PRs, and then there's Big Boy Barry. His name isn't even Barry, but he has long been a fixture of the UK games industry and, in the past, had particularly close ties to a certain now-defunct manufacturer of peripherals. In March this year Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy, but today I was sent the below video teasing a 'holiday secret' to be announced early next year.

It looks an awful lot like Mad Catz is making a comeback and, if the peripherals on show are anything to go by, with more of a focus on PC accessories over console – there's a mouse, a keyboard, and some headphones. Not a clear purple N64 pad in sight.

Now, it might not be Mad Catz. It could be something completely different. Rational Doge? Wild Goose? We'll know on January 4 for sure. But, if you ask me, it's Mad Catz – the patron saint of the younger sibling. We'll forget about all of this in a turkey-bloated haze of alcohol over the next week but, come 2018's fresh start, will be sure to let you know what's up.

One more thing. This reminds me of the greatest moment of this year's general election, a true insight into those who would be our Prime Minister. Enjoy!