Some Pokémon Go Players Are Getting Hit With Overly Cautious 'Extreme' Weather Warnings 

By Ethan Gach on at

Pokémon Go weather effects were announced earlier this week and have already their way into the game with local conditions affecting what players’ GPS maps look like and which kind of Pokémon are likely to be around. Unfortunately, the update is also pummeling some players with “Extreme” weather condition warnings even when it’s completely fine outside.

People on Twitter and Reddit have been sharing images of what it looks like outside vs. the dire warnings popping up on their phones in bewilderment. While it would just be a funny inaccuracy on its own, the warnings also stop weather-specific spawns from appearing and prevent Pokémon from getting the kinds of power boosts they should get depending on whether it’s snowing or sunny.

It’s especially prevalent this weekend as many parts of North America gets blanketed with snow and Southern California continues to struggle with ongoing wildfires. Some players have speculated that the extreme weather warnings are partly tagged to alerts put out by weather agencies rather than actual minute-to-minute weather conditions. Everyone is always pretty hard on meteorologists about imprecise forecasting but whatever the cause, Pokémon Go seems to especially be struggling at the moment.

In Philadelphia where I am there’s currently a couple of inches of snow on the ground with more steadily falling, so I figured I’d check to see if I got a similar caution. In the five to ten minutes I spent strolling up and down my street looking at Pidgeys the weather stuff looked to all be working fine though.

Whether or not conditions in your area get you slammed with the extreme weather nerf at this point seems a matter of luck right now. We’ve reached out to Niantic for clarificaiton on what exactly triggers it and how widespread the problem is.