Someone Counted (Almost) All the Coins in the Mario Series

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Working at a major gaming site, we get a lot of PR emails which are extremely tangentially related to video games, trying to promote things which are not really anything to do with gaming. Usually we just ignore them, but this week we got one weird marketing mail which could not be ignored.

Basically a company called Giff Gaff claims it has counted every coin in every main series Mario game over around 60 hours of work (surfing gamefaqs and watching Youtube). And it has a spreadsheet breakdown to prove it. I think they have a division that is to do with loans or savings or something, hence money, hence this gaming thing. It was a thin link, but the stats they sent over were kind of interesting, so you win Giff Gaff, here's that mention you wanted. They make giffs for your gaff I think [it's a phone company, works for me – ed].

The count does not include Mario Odyssey, presumably because it came out relatively recently, and they didn't actually play Super Mario Galaxy 2, they just watched a lets play and estimated total coins by adding missed coins to the number collected. There's also a few where they've used gamefaqs or other sources to help get the totals. Lazy! But I can't be too mean: this is a more complete count of the number of coins in the series than I would ever have put the time into creating myself.

Super Mario Bros. – 1,089 coins

Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels – 1,876 coins

Super Mario Bros. 2 – 297 coins

Super Mario Bros. 3 – 4,425 coins

Super Mario Land – 2,003 coins

Super Mario World – 4,930 coins

Super Mario Land 2 – 3,237 coins

Super Mario 64 – 2,672 coins

Super Mario Sunshine – 1,830 coins

New Super Mario Bros. – 7,360 coins

Super Mario Galaxy – 3,163 coins

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – 9,388 coins

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 3,931 coins

Super Mario 3D Land – 5,321 coins

New Super Mario Bros. 2 – 9, 999, 999 coins

New Super Mario Bros. U – 9,421 coins

Super Mario 3D World – 10.531 coins

Series Total Before Odyssey – 10,071,473

While that 10 million coins number may look impressive, it's important to note that just shy of 10 million coins are found in New Super Mario Bros. 2, meaning that with that game discounted from the list you'd be down to around 71,474 coins. And perhaps New Super Mario Bros. 2 should be struck from history Stalin-style for exactly that reason.

By far the least coin-packed entry in the series is Super Mario Bros. 2, which contains a measly 297 coins over the whole game. The final level contains literally two coins total. Only two. There's not even enough coins in the game to get three extra lives if we're going with the 100 coins = 1-up school of Mario.

Giff Gaff also sent us a level by level breakdown spreadsheet detailing which coins could be found in which levels of which games, which is more detail than I expected out of a weird marketing gimmick email. I now know there are 4 levels in the original Super Mario Bros. which don't contain a single coin, and that someone at Giff Gaff watches Youtuber packattack04082 as a resource when they can't be bothered to play another Mario game for a PR gimmick.

They also for some reason made the rather odd jump to assuming a Mario coin is worth £1. That may have been true once folks, but surely not post-Brexit. This 'logic' would make Mario a multimillionaire. Suddenly his ties to the royal family make a bit more sense, but come on: it could just as easily be a penny.

While all of this info is ultimately pointless, it's still kind of interesting isn't it? You win Giff Gaff. If you find any weird factoids looking at these stats, let us know in the comments below or wherever the cool kids post their responses to stuff these days.