Doom VFR Doesn't Seem to Work with Oculus Rift Headsets

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In the whole lead up to Doom VFR launching, there has been some confusion over which hardware it would run on. We knew it would play on PSVR, as there was a PlayStation version announced, and we knew it would work on the Vive as that was the platform shown at preview events, but whether or not it would work on Oculus was a mystery.

There was no reason why it shouldn't work, as it is a VR game, released on Steam, using the Steam API, which usually means a VR game will support both headsets. In this rare case, it seems like Bethesda has gone out of its way to shut out use on Oculus headsets.

If you try and boot Doom VFR on an Oculus headset, the whole game will try to load, not show an error message, but proceed to crash entirely.

The PC version of Doom will run on some third party headsets made by Lenovo, and the Vive, so it does seem like it's only the Oculus being left out the Virtual Freakin' Reality party. That's what the F stands for, right?