Tencent is Developing a PUBG Mobile Port for China

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Recently, it was announced that Chinese gaming giant Tencent would be bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to China, with some small modifications made to fit the country's unique market. As part of this, Tencent will also be working on a fully fledged mobile port of the game releasing first in China.

Confession time: I don't speak Mandarin. So most of the info I've got comes via a hefty dose of Google Translate, and means some of the wording is hilariously off. But what is certain is that Tencent intends for this mobile port of PUBG to contain all of the PC version's features and play in the same way. The intention seems to be – Google Translate warning – that players jumping over to mobile will be able to take advantage of their play on PC and maintain a consistent experience. How they intend to do that without a guarantee of physical buttons remains to be seen.

One more thing before signing off: Google Translate interprets PUBG as "("Eating Chicken" game "Jedi Survival")." The petition to rename the game as Chicken-eating Jedi Survival Battlegrounds starts here!

While mobile gaming is a huge deal in China, it's unclear if the intention is for this mobile port to spread to other parts of the world down the line. More importantly, if Tencent can get PUBG running nicely on a smartphone in China, then maybe there's hope of a Switch port down the line.