Hitman's Xbox One X Update Makes A Great Game Much Prettier

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're one of those lucky souls who managed to get an Xbox One X when it launched earlier this month, you'll likely know there's no real consensus on what a patch for older games will do to them on the X. Some X patches improve performance, others resolution and visual fidelity, while some simultaneously manage to improve both.

Today we got some information on the Xbox One X patch for Hitman, and it allows you to improve the game in one of two ways, but you're going to have to pick which set of upgrades you'd prefer to have.

Option one, you can play the game at a native 4K resolution, with a little bit of anti aliasing thrown in, for the best possible visual effects settings in game. This higher graphics mode also lets you chose between a locked 30 FPS or an uncapped framerate that may go above thirty, but may make dips more noticeable. Option 2, you can play the game at 1440p, but kick the framerate up to a fairly stable target of 60 FPS.

Both modes offer HDR support, which certainly helps in a game like Hitman where skulking around shadows and then confidently walking into lit areas at just the right moments can be important.

The Xbox One X patch for Hitman is available now, and helps make an already gorgeous game even nicer to look at.