Inside Japan's Coolest Video Game Rooms

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Do you have a video game room? You know, a room dedicated to playing video games. Some folks in Japan do, and they are very, very cool.

For example, Twitter user Hakuna showed off his gaming room, which is hidden in the closet, adding the hashtag #ゲーマーのお部屋見せてください (#geemaa no oheya misete kudasai or “Show me a gamer’s room”).

Actually, though, here is what Hakuna’s game room looks like:

Other Twitter users have also been showing off their game rooms using the same tag. Note: Hakuna did not start this tag (it’s been around since 2013), but in the past few days, it’s kicked into high gear, with numerous Twitter users posting under it after Hakuna’s game closet went viral.

Remember, this is a country in which space is at a premium, making these already amazing video rooms that much more impressive.

What about your video game room? If it’s cool, post photos below!