No, EA Hasn't Suddenly Removed the Refund Button for Battlefront II

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Wow, this week is really not going well for EA.

So, just to catch you up to speed, after online anger about the amount of in game currency required to unlock characters in Battlefront II (approximately 40 hours of online play to unlock one of the top end characters), EA gave an apology which fast became the most downvoted comment in Reddit history. Following that, EA drastically reduced the amount of in game currency required to unlock playable characters, acknowledging their very public slip up.

The problem is, the bad publicity for EA doesn't seem like it's going to stop just yet. According to numerous Reddit and Twitter threads, EA has removed the refund button from their online portal, seemingly trying to dissuade customers from refunding Battlefront II before launch. The problem is, this story doing the rounds is a bit misleading. EA hasn't suddenly removed a button that would have previously allowed a refund on a pre-ordered game. The refund button never existed for pre-ordered games in the first place. Seriously, there are forum posts going back years from people not being able to get refunds on their pre-ordered games, and being told to go through customer service, instead.

Customers can still get a refund on their copies of Battlefront II and other titles, but they will need to go through EA's online live chat system to do so. As of writing, EA live chat has a waiting time of over an hour to reach a member of staff, so you could be there a while. Alternatively, you can wait until the game launches, at which point the refund button will appear and you can click it for a one step easy refund. Basically, the refund button is present for released titles, not pre-ordered ones.

So yeah, I get being mad at EA, but no, they have not suddenly stopped taking refunds specifically for Battlefront II.