Sony is Launching a White PS4 Pro the Same Day the Xbox One X Releases

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While not as packed with raw power as the Xbox One X, Sony's 4K-capable PS4 Pro is still a decent step up from the standard PS4. Available until now in either standard grey-ish black, or specific limited edition variants like the Destiny 2 bundle, there hasn't yet been a plain white model of the Pro released by itself. However, spotted by the eagle eyes over at Console Deals, it looks like a standalone white version of the Pro is coming sooner than many might have expected.

Found via a listing on the website of toy retailer Smyths, the white PS4 Pro is apparently launching on November 7th, the same day that Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One X.

It's a smart move, getting new hardware out the same day as your competitors to try and hamper their launch momentum. Considering the hardware variant is meant to release in just four days, expect an announcement any time now from Sony.