200 Million Super Mario Run Downloads Didn't Make Enough Money to Please Nintendo

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In Nintendo's newest quarterly earnings report, it seems that the company is not happy with the profit made by mobile game Super Mario Run, despite the fact that it was downloaded over 200 million times.

While Nintendo did not give details on how many people spent money on Super Mario Run, a non-stop runner which offers a number of free levels before asking players to spend real money to unlock the rest, but it did share this slide showing that a lot of new players tried playing the game after its recent 3.0 update. Apparently, that spike in players and the accompanying temporary price drop did not manage to help make the game the profit success hoped: "Although we have not yet reached an acceptable profit point, we have learned a lot in terms of game development and deployment that we want to take advantage of moving forward," reads the presentation notes.

Nintendo is releasing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in late November worldwide, which instead uses a system of small ongoing microtransactions rather than a solid roadblock. We've played the game, which is already available in Australia, and you can see our thoughts here.