Rick and Morty's Most Recent Series Didn't Have Much to Say

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Rick and Morty is in crisis, and we’re not just talking about the few intense fans who make the show look bad. The show, as a whole, already seems to be running out of steam. (Spoilers ahead!)

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No wonder, then, that the latest series ended with the promise of a more streamlined refresh. There just wasn’t any place for Rick and Morty to go. In the latest episode of the Favecast, Gita Jackson and I take a look at series three of Rick and Morty, the stigma the show has accrued on the internet, why people glorify Rick even though he’s a horrible guy, how the show falters in its central message, and how other comedy shows deal with nihilism and other depressing topics in an effective way.

If you watch things like BoJack Horseman, The Good Place, or You’re The Worst, you’re going to enjoy this episode of the podcast—but you should probably be caught up on Rick and Morty before listening! Later on, we talk about in-game events and games that make us cry around the 48-minute mark.

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