Report: Switch Video Capture To Expand Beyond 30 Seconds In Future Update

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Today, Switch Firmware 4.0 released, and with it came the ability to record video footage natively on the Nintendo Switch by holding down the capture button. The feature, which currently captures the last 30 seconds of gameplay on the system, less time if the last video capture occurred within the past 30 seconds, only supports a handful of Nintendo-developed releases on a game by game basis.

According to two sources speaking to Kotaku UK, the plan internally at Nintendo is for this feature to be expanded once a few conditions have been met. Nintendo wants to keep video capture limited to 30 seconds until all first-party software supports video capture, and third-party adoption of the system-level feature has been rolled out to a number of larger games making use of Nintendo properties. While any developer starting today could patch in support for video capture in their games, our sources say that Nintendo will be actively approaching developers who have made use of its characters (think Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle) with a view to getting those games supported early. Adding support would be done via individual game patches, like the one seen today for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Once those conditions have been met, and the feature has been shown to be functionally stable on consumer systems, the plan is to add options for larger recordings of one minute, three minutes, or five minutes. Selecting one of these larger recording slots would require you to allocate a larger amount of space for a rolling recording. This would be handled by a Switch firmware update, after which all games with 30 second video capture support would be able to make use of larger recording times without needing to repatch the individual game.

While our sources did not give a time-frame on this support expanding, they did say that the focus for now is on seeing as many Switch games as possible supporting the feature. It was also suggested that future software released by Nintendo would support this feature without the need for patches.