You Can Now (Illegally) Play Downloaded Games on a SNES Mini

By Keza MacDonald on at

Industrious hackers, mere weeks after the SNES Mini went on sale, have figured out how to hack the thing to play downloaded ROMs - if you don't care about your machine's warranty, or the blatant illegality of the whole thing.

You can also make some other interesting, less illegal modifications to the little console by hooking it up to a PC and rummaging around in its innards - like messing with box art, adding custom borders, and taking higher-res screenshots. NeoGAF has a repository of SNES Mini hacking info here.

A reminder that the commonly-repeated "fact" that downloading ROMs of old games you already own is still illegal, as per Nintendo's own extremely stringent guidelines on use of its copyright - guidelines that have made actually downloading old Nintendo ROMs of any description much more difficult in recent years.