The Jackbox Party Pack 4 Releases in Under Three Weeks

By Laura Kate Dale on at

I consistently get a laugh out of the Jackbox Party Pack games, smartphone minigame collections themed around shared inputs and local multiplayer, often playing a few rounds with friends on the commute to work. And happy days, for the next entry in the series is coming remarkably soon.

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 will be releasing worldwide on the week of October 17th, 2017. It'll hit PS4 first on the 17th, Apple TV on the 18th, Switch, PC, Android and Amazon Fire TV on the 19th, and Xbox One on the 20th.

The collection includes Fibbage 3 (complete with a new mode about guessing weird facts about your friends), Survive The Internet (a game about twisting your friends internet comments), Monster Seeking Monster (some kind of social game about dating monsters), bracketeering (Betting on stupid arguments), and Civic Doodle (competitive silly graffiti).

I'll be picking this up on Switch when it launches; the Jackbox games are good clean fun, whether on the bus or at a boozy party. And there's something about Switch, too, where local multiplayer games suddenly feel vital again.