Nintendo is Localising Breath of the Wild into Chinese

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Living in an English speaking country, it's really easy to forget that sometimes enormous countries never receive localised versions of games, or even see consoles sold there at all. A great example of this is Nintendo not selling the Switch in China, in spite of the massive potential market available.

Recently, Nintendo has been making moves suggesting it might finally bring the Switch to China, including porting the hugely successful Chinese MOBA Honour of Kings to the system. An even bigger sign of things to come is the fact that Nintendo just announced that it's going to offer both traditional and simplified Chinese text options in Breath of the Wild. For the time being it'll be purchasable in Hong Kong or Taiwan, with those already owning it able to download a patch to add the language.

It's always nice to see more people be able to fully experience what a game has to offer. It seems inevitable the Switch will now see release in China, though as always it'll be interesting to see if any particular games get banned by the government. Let's hope Mario's nipples aren't considered degenerate...