Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Director Criticises the Live-Action Movie's All-Japanese Cast 

By Brian Ashcraft on at

The live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie cast is all-Japanese, even if the characters are not. The anime’s director says this was “a bad idea.”

While speaking at a recent stage show in Tokyo, Fullmetal Alchemist anime director Seiji Mizushima is quoted by ANN as saying, “It was a bad idea to only use Japanese actors.”

Continuing, Mizushima added, “If you asked me whether I think the cast could pull it off, I’d say that no, they can’t.” He also said, “It’s hard for actors to capture the look and feel of the original manga.”

He didn’t have kind words for the recent live-action Gintama adaptation, saying that it “just looked stupid.”

That doesn’t mean Mizushima hopes the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist movie will fail. On the contrary, while he mentioned the merits of anime adaptations, he did say he was “rooting” for the Fullmetal Alchemist movie. Bad ideas and all, I guess.