Subnautica's Cuddle Fish Update Brings a Cute Companion to Ease the Underwater Horror

By Matt Wales on at

Subnautica, Unknown Worlds' early access deep-sea survival adventure, is terrifying. If you're not being chased hither and tither by farting gas manatees, you're either cowering in the pitch black depths, screaming at jump-scare worm bastards or weeping in the presence of huge, luminous, and extremely irritable claw-mouthed sea serpents. Thinking back, I don't think there's been a single second where I haven't wanted to immediately turn the game off and towel myself down.

Thankfully, Subnautica's newest update offers a counter to its horrors in the form of the adorable new Cuddle Fish companion. Even its name is cute! As with Subnautica's other—rather more monstrous—sea life, the Cuddle Fish can be acquired by finding and hatching an appropriate egg. Happily, Cuddle Fish eggs are pretty distinctive, meaning you won't accidentally birth a hideous murder eel and be forced to spend the next two minutes screaming. Here's the Cuddle Fish!

The rest of Subnautica's latest update is a little less exciting, focussing mainly on tweaks and improvements—as is to be expected, given that the game is nearing the final stages of its early access development. Alongside the Cuddle Fish, the update's other notable inclusion is a refresh of the vehicle HUDs seen on the Seamoth, the Prawn, and remotely operated cameras of the Cyclops and Scanner Room.

Subnautica's Cuddle Fish update is out on PC now, and will waggle its adorable tentacles in the direction of Xbox One soon.