Elite: Dangerous' Imminent Alien Invasion Looks Terrifying

By Matt Wales on at

Frontier Developments has been teasing Elite: Dangerous' incoming alien invasion for quite some time now. Over the past 12 months or so, players of the sprawling space sim have slowly uncovered more and more evidence of the legendary Thargoid menace - from random interdiction encounters to bizarre extraterrestrial signals and contraptions. All that lead-up will soon reach a head with the arrival of Elite: Dangerous' 2.4 update, due on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on September 26th.

Frontier is keeping the precise contents of the new update—ominously subtitled 'The Return'—a closely guarded secret, given the heavy focus on narrative this time around. However, the studio has confirmed that special Thargoid-related events will be a regular occurrence once 2.4 drops, with the narrative slowly unspooling in real-time over the coming months. And there's a new cinematic, hinting at the Thargoids' far from benign intentions, to get the ball rolling.

The remainder of 2.4 appears to be focussed on smaller quality of life improvements, rather than big headline features. It brings the likes of longer jump plotting, multiple slots for Holo-Me avatars, the ability to see ship customisations in-game before purchase, various tweaks to a multitude of underlying systems, and more.

Elsewhere, Frontier has confirmed that it will be giving fans a closer look at the future of Elite: Dangerous during its inaugural community-focussed expo event—known as FX2017—due to be held in London on October 7th.