Destiny 2 Clan Beats Raid in Six Hours, a World First

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Destiny 2's first raid, Leviathan, went live at 6pm GMT yesterday. Immediately, hardcore clans got to work. Hours later, a team of players cracked it.

The Legend Himself, a name you might already be familiar with if you’ve played Destiny 1, had the honour of being the first team ever to beat a raid in Destiny 2. You can see the spoilerific final moments below. Chat, as you might expect, goes wild.

Bungie was watching the entire time—you can see them react to the world first clear below. Aww.

As a reward, now we all get access to a new Crucible map, too. Sweet.

For comparison’s sake: the first vault in Destiny 1 was beaten in ten hours.